3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Outdoor Patio

Similar to how you would put a lot of thought into laying out your living room or your bedroom, you should give equal attention to your outdoor patio space.

Rather than just throwing a few weather-resistant lawn chairs out there, consider taking some time to map out your ideas for the space. Understanding not only how you want this space to look, but also what functions you want it to serve is important to the ultimate success of your efforts.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you brainstorm ideas.

Make It Comfortable

You’ll want to invest in some quality outdoor furniture for your patio. This likely will be a place where you and your family or friends can spend summer afternoons or fall evenings, so you want furniture that’s not only going to be comfortable, but that also will withstand some of the natural wear and tear that comes with constant exposure to nature’s elements.

Additionally, consider the climate you live in. If your summer activities typically include baking in the sun or your winters are particularly harsh, consider including features to help with climate control, such as a large overhead fan, outdoor heaters, or a fire pit. You may also consider a cover to prepare for when it rains.

Establish An Atmosphere

Remember that the space can be multifunctional, but you should think of what you want to use it for before you move everything in. Do you want several outdoor chairs, or a big couch? If you’ve got a nice garden or landscape, it’s a great idea to think of ways to incorporate this into the atmosphere, such as facing your furniture toward it or even extending the garden around the patio.

Are you planning to host grill outs or game day events? Consider how you can lay out the furniture and cooking equipment so that it creates a flow and works with the natural surroundings of your backyard.

Upgrade Your Tech

Do you want to host game day parties or have outdoor movie nights? Try mounting a TV on an adjacent wall that has a cover to protect it from the weather. You may also consider some outdoor appliances, such as a grill, oven, and mini fridge. This will allow you to fully supply your patio with all the tools you need to entertain without having to go in and out of your house.

You can also install an outdoor lighting system to make the space functional after dark.

Ultimately, keep in mind that this space is an extension of your interior home living areas, and it’s important to put an equal amount of effort into setting it up. To help with ideas as well as execution, contact Santel Landscape & Design in Bethel Park, PA.