3 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen After A Remodel

After a kitchen remodel, you have a new opportunity to create the workspace of your dreams. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free maximizes its functionality while also highlighting the new features you recently added. As you plan your new kitchen organizing scheme, use these tips to get the most out of your remodel.

Decide What to Toss

Over the years, it is common to collect tons of items in the kitchen that no longer hold value. Spend a few minutes looking through your cabinets and drawers, and give each item you find an honest assessment of whether or not it is needed. For example, that huge serving bowl that you haven’t touched in years may take up more space than it is worth. Once you pare your items down, hold a yard sale or donate any items that are still in usable condition.

Choose Multifunctional Appliances

Many items in the kitchen can be replaced with multifunctional appliances that help minimize clutter. For instance, a breakfast station is a toaster oven, cooktop and coffee pot all rolled into one appliance that takes up far less space than three separate appliances. Adding multifunctional appliances also increases the smoothness of your workflow since you can accomplish multiple tasks in a single step.

Create An Efficient Layout

During your kitchen remodel planning, you likely learned about the ideal triangle created in a properly designed kitchen. This triangle allows you to move smoothly between the refrigerator, sink and cooking range. Now that your remodel is complete, think about where you perform each action in the kitchen and place your appliances and serving ware where it is most accessible. Typically, dishes will best fit near the sink or dishwasher where you can quickly put them back in their places after cleaning, and your appliances should be near the stove.

An organized kitchen is essential for enjoying your cooking experiences. By decluttering and focusing on only placing items in your kitchen area that improve your efficiency, you can make every minute spent in your kitchen feel like a dream come true.

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