4 Steps to Child Proof Your Pool

Summer is on its way, and you’re looking forward to getting the family out around the pool for BBQ, refreshments, games and fun. But there are some important safety factors to keep in mind and prepare for. According to the CDC, one in five people who drown in a private pool are children. 393 people drown in pools in America each year, and 78.5 of them are children.

If you’re a parent, you don’t need to be told that those odds are too high to do nothing. So here are four important ways you can secure your pool and keep it child safe all year ‘round. But it isn’t only your own children who may be at risk, but any child- or even pets- who are attracted to the cool water during the hottest time of the year.

1. Put up a Fence
Aside to good supervision, putting a secure fence around your pool is your first line of defense. The best fences are strong, come with a locking mechanism, and alarm systems are available for every type of gate.

2. Install a Cover
Should your fence fail to keep children out of the pool, a cover can provide that invaluable second layer of protection for curious children. A good and solid pool cover should be impassible to anyone without the release mechanism- short of breaking or tearing it.

3. Install an Alarm
We’ve already mentioned that your fence can be alarmed. But if a child manages to get over the fence by climbing, it may not work. Camera systems, motion detectors, and gate sensors can be on alert 24/7, even during those few moments when you are distracted.

4. Constant Supervision
Owning a pool means greater responsibility for parents of small children. You owe it to them to make sure they are safe and secure at all times, and frankly- no pool accessory can do as good a job at keeping them out of danger than your dedication to supervising them at all times.

Having a safe pool will lead to a fun filled summer with your family. For all of your pool needs in Donora, PA call Del Suppo Pools.