5 Features That Can Enhance Your Property’s Landscape

The front of your house is the first thing you and others see when approaching your home. Whether it is sitting in the middle of a neighborhood or at the end of a long winding driveway, there is going to be some sort of landscape design going on – whether tended to or not. If you feel like your home needs a facelift for your own aesthetic enjoyment or for the purpose of increasing value and curb appeal, there are different ways to approach this, such as retaining walls, and patios. A good landscaper knows many different methods to make your home beautiful.

  1. Custom porch design. While this would require a little more time, money, and work than other ideas, a custom porch can make your house stand out and increase its value. Unique shape and structure to match or highlight the architectural feel of your house, or something that works with the surrounding landscape will make an appealing feature that breaks the rectangular monotony of every other house on the street.
  2. Water features can range from the simple, economical, DIY variety to the extravagant. Either option can add value and interest to your property. A subtle fountain in the flower garden can bring life to a front yard, while a small pond out back can add the sense of luxury and elegance. There are plenty of options in design and size that can be worked into the existing landscape.
  3. Scalloped flower beds could be understood in two ways: bricks cut in a scalloped design for edging, or edges aligned in a scalloped, wavy pattern. Either way, they are the custom porches of gardens, adding a unique touch while keeping a polished finish. Break away from the rectangles lined in front of your house and put some soft, flowing scallops in that design.
  4. Decorative rocks accentuate natural beauty in landscape. They add dimension and structure, and often a needed change in texture. Use rocks as a focal point or to shape an area.
  5. Low-voltage lighting** ** can be used to line walkways, flower beds, driveways, or other paths and edges you want highlighted. Small spotlights can also be used to illuminate trees, shrubs, water features, or other pieces of interest in a yard or garden. Many of these are simple and able to be used in a customizable manner.

A little attention and love can really make your landscape pop no matter the size. Put flowing lines in place of the hard, rigid corners; create open spaces and add natural elements to enhance your property’s landscape for yourself and others to enjoy. For help getting started on doing the dirty work ahead, contact Santel Landscape & Design. They specialize in enhancing lawns and yards with landscaping, hardscapes and retaining walls.