5 Tips to Preserve Your Lawn This Winter

The temperature is dropping and winter is rapidly approaching. Some cities have already seen their first snowstorm or snap freeze. While most people do not think about their lawn during the winter, the winter can cause some serious damage to lawns. To make sure that lawn is gorgeous when the spring rolls around, follow the advice below.

1. Fertilizer Is Key

The most important step to keeping a lawn preserved during the cold months it to provide a lawn with the nutrients it requires. These ingredients include nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, and they allow the lawn to put down the roots it needs and produce the green foliage that everyone enjoys. Make sure to fertilize your lawn during the winter.

2. Gradually Cut Your Lawn Shorter

Leaving a lawn short during the winter is important because it discourages burrowing animals, such as mice, from setting up shop in your yard. As winter gets closer, gradually lower the blades on the mower to cut the lawn shorter and shorter. This way, your lawn already will be relatively short by the time winter rolls around.

3. Keep Your Lawn Clean

Many people neglect the objects left on their lawns during the winter. This can include outdoor furniture, toys, or even large branches. It is important that owners take the time to clean these objects off of their yard. A landscaper knows these objects can crush the lawn and create large dead spots that will become very evident once the warmer weather returns. Consider storing them on your patio or in a storage shed.

4. Prevent Lawn Traffic

Similar to the heavy objects, lawn traffic can create dead spots if a path is worn. This includes parking cars on the grass. To encourage sidewalk and driveway use, keep these walkways clear. This will prevent people from wearing out the lawn.

5. Prepare Early

As the fall rolls around, be sure to lay down the fertilizer early. Rake away leaves and branches to prevent the debris from creating dead spots. Aerate the lawn if necessary. Starting early is the key to success. Trees and gardens require additional care.

For the best preparation possible, contact a landscape design company, like Santel Landscape and Design in Bethel Park, PA.