7 Home Renovations You Should Invest In

How can remodeling efforts affect your home and its property value? Sometimes renovations add actual value to the price you can ask for your home, and sometimes they add appeal that brings in a buyer who likes the look of the house and can envision themselves living there. Many of them accomplish both.

Here are some renovation ideas that add personal and financial value to your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

Fresh new bathroom fixtures look clean and appealing. They may allow for better storage options or simply open up the room to look more spacious.


If the kitchen looks old and tired and requires many smaller repairs, it can drag down the impression of the rest of the house. Energy efficient appliances and sound electrical components make a difference.


An appealing deck is one that has been completely finished and calls for for a variety of uses. As a bonus, it adds another room to your home during seasons of good weather.

Home Additions

Adding a sunroom or garage improves the actual value of your home. An addition also can meet the needs of a growing family or simply allow greater versatility.


Fifty-year-old windows may seem charming at first, but all they really mean is a higher utility bill. Energy efficient windows are a must.


The floors and walls make or break first impressions. Renovate with new colors and repair the wear and tear.

Siding and Roofing

Installing new siding and a new roof can have immense aesthetic appeal, but it also improves energy efficiency to help lower bills and make the home look more comfortable over all.

As for whether to take on these renovations yourself or hire a professional, you have a few things to consider. How handy are you? How much time and energy do you have? Is it better to hire professional contractors so you know it will be quality work? Many problems that arise during a home improvement result from a home owner overestimating their ability to handle the unexpected once they've started a project. Either way, it may be best to consult an experienced contractor, like N&C Construction in McDonald, PA, to get more information and quotes.