Are You Prepared For A Water Shortage?

Water is a vital resource that often becomes compromised in instances of mass destruction. Even in cases of disaster, such as after an earthquake or destructive fire, where you still have access to water, it may not be safe to drink immediately. For this reason and the others listed below, you should strongly consider keeping an emergency supply of H20.

What if water services are dismantled?

Such may be the case, especially if you live in areas prone to harsh winters. It is particularly vital that you keep bottled water in the house and car so that you will not be among the masses who may have to go for days or even weeks without it. Emergency water services can also be used for bathing purposes when traditional lines are inoperable. You will need several gallons of water to ensure cleanliness.

You may have water, but it may not be okay to drink

History shows several instances where water becomes tainted after natural disasters. This natural resource can become compromised in the absence of the earth shaking or freezing when a sewage pipe leaks. It is important to keep an emergency supply of the liquid nearby just in case the water flowing from the faucet suddenly contains some unwelcome and toxic ingredients.

No emergency but the water is off

There are times when the utility company implements a temporary water service interruption. Although a warning is typically given days in advance of the short suspension, there may be times when your water service provider may not be able to warn you of a valve shutoff. Having a few gallons of water on-hand or from an emergency water service is the only way to ensure access when the water supply is compromised.

A water emergency is always on the horizon

Whether a car accident calls for a temporary water service suspension or natural disaster brings about the chaos that makes access to the resource impossible, it is important to have a backup plan that allows you to stay hydrated. Stocking up on one extra case of bottled water every week could spare you from future heartache.

Once you've taken care of preparation, you can rest assured that businesses like Al's Water Service in Washington, PA, will handle the rest.