Benefits of Using Recycled Paper for Your Printing Needs

People are becoming more concerned about preserving the environment every day. Taking steps to make your business more eco-friendly is good for both the environment and your company. There are many things that you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by using recycled paper for your printing needs. Using recycled paper can help your company save energy, water and reduce your carbon emissions. Here are some of the other benefits of printing on recycled paper.

Improves Your Company’s Image

Consumers are aware of the environmental issues facing the world today. They expect businesses to care about the environment, as well. Businesses have to focus on more than pure profit to stay competitive. Companies that are environmentally and socially friendly attract customers. Using recycled paper allows you to emphasize the benefits that your company brings to the environment by printing on recycled paper.

Reduces Carbon Dioxide and Methane

Printing on recycled paper reduces greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Paper that decomposes naturally in landfills releases the gas methane. This highly potent greenhouse gas contribute to global warming. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, the decomposition of paper is the most significant source of landfill methane. Carbon dioxide is another greenhouse gas that can be reduced with the use of recycled papers in printing. When they are cut down to make paper products, trees absorb carbon dioxide. Additional carbon dioxide is released when wood is processed to make paper pulp. Recycling one ton of paper can decrease greenhouse gas levels by one metric ton of carbon, according to the EPA.

Recycled Paper is High-Quality

Recycled paper has improved in quality dramatically over the years. Now, paper can be recycled without sacrificing its quality. In fact, recycled paper comes in bright white shades. For companies that want natural shades, these still an option too. Either way, the quality of the paper is equal to, if not better than, traditional non-recycled papers.

The bottom line is that recycled paper is good for the environment and your business, as well. For more information about using recycled paper for your business needs, contact Heeter, a premier commercial printer offering eco-friendly printing options for businesses.