Business Casual Tips for this Summer

During the summer, business casual is a tough look to achieve. How do you look professional without being overdressed? While deciding on your summer business casual choices, remember to keep your wardrobe simple. Pick a few classic summer work pieces to get you through the hottest months of the year.

Start with the Material

Men have a smaller selection than women when it comes to business casual wear for the summer. However, men can begin by tweaking their wardrobes by selecting lightweight materials. Choose shirts, jackets, and pants made from cotton and linen in lieu of wool and tweed.

Experiment With Color

Business casual gives you more leeway over what colors you can wear to the office. Ditch the brown and black clothing pieces and choose bold colored pants such as green and red. You could even opt for a pair of white pants coordinated with a pastel-colored button down shirt. In some offices, you could get away with jeans under a business casual dress code as long as your denim has a very dark wash.

Goodbye Tie

One of the easiest summer clothing rules to follow for businessmen is to get rid of the tie. Not only should you ditch the tie, but you should also unbutton the top couple buttons on your work shirts. However, still wear a lightweight blazer or sweater to the office. Layers are an option since many modern offices are frosty once the air conditioning kicks on. If you feel lost without a tie, choose a light-colored tie with a neutral design.

Choose the Right Shoes

Suede driving shoes are a solid summer pick when you’re dressing business casual. You can also add a pair of penny loafers to your wardrobe to increase versatility. Navy shoes are a good seasonal alternative to traditional black dress shoes.

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