Different Methods of Using Print to Advertise

Different Methods of Using Print to Advertise

Promoting your business effectively is very important for success. One of the effective ways to promote your products or services is by using print media. Here are some forms of print media that will help your business.


This is by far the most popular and one of the most cost effective ways for reaching a mass of people. There are different sizes of newspaper space and categories to advertise in.


This option is more detailed and more expensive than the newspaper but targets different market segments. You can advertise your business and leave website links here.

Banners and posters

Use banners and posters to advertise your brand or an event in a locality. They should be attention grabbing, with large text and images that can be viewed from a distance. The message should be straightforward.


This usually combines texts and graphics and have a digital option in this modern age. They are huge and located at strategic places. Payment is usually according to size and duration of use.


This is also called a pamphlet and contains detailed information on a portable piece of paper. They are mostly folded and contain more words than graphics.


This is a single sheet in different sizes that has attractive information in words and graphics. They can be posted on walls or handed out to individuals. Small businesses and local events use this more.

Direct mailing

This requires some effort but helps to connect with the customers on a personal level.

Business cards

A business card can represent you and even indicate what your business is all about. From a plain and simple to a uniquely crafted business card, they can make a good first impression.

Printed coupons

Customers like attractive coupons that are advantageous. You can use QR codes to make them sale online too.

Depending on the customers you are focusing on, your kind of business and your marketing goals, the type of print media you use will be different. Heeter is a great one stop solution for innovative print solutions perfect for your business.