Carpets are a great addition to the home, providing warmth to bedrooms and comfort to common areas. Buying a good quality carpet is crucial if you want it to last a long time and resist stains. Nevertheless, even after a good carpet installation, it is still possible to experience some these problems:

  • Matting and crushing
  • Indentations
  • Fading
  • Sprouting

What are these problems and how can you fix them if they occur? We will address each issue individually.

Problem #1: Matting and crushing

When carpets are new, they are plush and vibrant. However, over time, carpet fibers can lose their pile thickness due to heavy footfall traffic combined with improper cleaning.To circumvent this problem, make sure you invest in a good vacuum and also remove stains regularly. Unlike vinyl flooring, carpets trap stains and dust, so they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid losing their fresh-from-the-store luster.

Problem #2: Indentations

Carpets, when placed under heavy furniture, can take on depressions and indentations. Unlike hard surfaces like tile flooring that do not absorb any impact, carpet fibers take a lot of damage when placed under a lot of weight over time. To prevent this problem, use glides under your furniture legs and rotate your furniture periodically.

Problem #3: Fading

Carpets will lose their color over time, especially when facing direct sunlight. The best way to solve this problem is to buy good quality carpets that are fade resistant. Also, you can invest in some good curtains to block out the sun during times of the day you are not at home. Experts at carpet stores will be able to help you make the right decision for the best carpet brands that are resistant to fading.

Problem #4: Sprouting

Sometimes you may notice a piece of yarn coming out of the carpet. Though it may be tempting to pull it, don't. If you do this, you will start to unravel the carpet and cause more damage to it. Instead, snip off the end of the sprouting with some scissors.

Once you buy carpet from a professional supplier and installer like Rhodes Carpet & Installation in Washington, PA, you'll definitely want to take good care of it to maintain its great quality.

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