How To Pick The Perfect Couch

Shopping for a new couch to add to your current living room furniture or replacing an old sofa that no longer "fits" in your home? Knowing how to pick the "perfect couch" is possible with a bit of research and planning ahead to get the sofa that is just perfect for any space.

Styles of Couches

There are many styles of couches to compare when adding a new piece to your living room. Looking for a simple two-seater sofa or a complete wrap-around sectional? Be sure to know the size of the space you have available prior to browsing for a new purchase. Consider the entire size of your living room. A smaller sofa is ideal for rooms that are not as large and do not have higher ceilings, where a sectional sofa is great for entertaining in a larger area.

Selecting the Right Material

Choose a material of the couch you have in mind based on your surroundings, needs, and wants with the ambiance and atmosphere of your living room. Avoid pricey leather if you have pets who enjoy scratching the material (along with softer materials). Consider a couch cover if you are unable to maintain the sofa with animals in the home. When you want a more comfortable fabric, look towards cotton, rayon, and velvety upholstery based on the style or theme you want to implement.

Consider the Layout of the Space You Are Redecorating

Review the current orientation of your living room before purchasing a new couch. Consider where your windows are located and whether or not you want your new sofa to be blocked from light altogether or if you prefer a space to read with daylight on occasion. Measure your living room and the space you have available with the purchase of a new couch based on how you envision your space to eliminate purchasing a sofa that is too large or too small for your needs.

Knowing how to prepare for purchasing a new living room couch is highly advisable before you begin shopping to avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a sofa that simply does not fit or go with any current theme you have in the room. Comparing springs, material, texture, and layout of the couch itself is a way to ensure you are on the right track when you begin shopping.

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