How to Get Your Pool Ready for Winter

Outdoor pools and hot tubs can get a real workout during the warm season. But when the weather starts to turn cold, there is a lot to do to get your pools and hot tubs ready for the winter. Read below to find out what you can do to keep your pool in good condition for even the most extreme of winters:

Check The Chemical Balance: When a pool sits for a long time over winter, it can either corrode the pool lining or leave unsightly calcium deposits. To avoid this, check the alkalinity and pH levels of the water using a pool test kit. Adjust levels as necessary.

Clean The Filters: Take out the filter hoses. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning out the specific filters and their elements.

Lower The Water Level: Water expands quite a bit when frozen, which can result in a broken pool if the water freezes during the winter. However, a completely empty pool is not ideal other. Soil also expands in the winter when frozen and can shift the pool. A little bit of water below the line of the skimmer mouth keeps the pool in place and gives it some weight.

Insert A Flotation Device: Throw a flotation device on top of pool safety covers to balance the rainwater and ice that forms on the pool cover. Also it helps absorb pressure from ice, thus keeping the pressure away from the pool walls. Use a simple inner tube or a "pillow" from your local pool shop.

Install The Cover: Automatic pool safety covers make this part a breeze. Just click a button and you are done. Otherwise pull the cover over the pool by hand. This will protect your pool from any falling debris during the wintertime, such as falling leaves.

Any amount of work done to prepare your pool for winter will pay off in a pool that is clean, easy to use, and not cracked. Even if you have done all the steps to prepare your pool for winter, don't forget to check on it occasionally. Del Suppo Pools in Donora, PA has all of your pool maintenance needs and much more!