How to Reflect the Style of Your Home with Your New Pool Design

When you are ready to have a pool built on your property, it's important to not just consider the functionality of the pool but also find a design that works with the surrounding area. Any pool can be great on its own, but without incorporating it into the existing landscape and architecture style of your home, it might seem out of place. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a pool design:

The Shape

Straight lines give a more formal look in any design. If you are going for a more formal, polished, or serious look to your backyard, consider adding a pool with either a rectangular or square pool. Rectangular pools are the best for swimming laps, so keep this in mind if you have any professional swimmers who might be using your pool for practice. Rounded lines, on the other hand, add a lot more elegance and style with a softer edge. They are a great way to incorporate landscaping into the pool design. An oval design works well for pool sports since you can set up various types of equipment around the perimeter. A kidney shape pool works well with yards of any size and looks more natural. Figure 8 pools work well for families or anyone who wants to have a variety of activities going on in the pool. You can create a natural separation in a figure 8 pool by having one area be very shallow while the other is deep. Shrubbery can easily fit in the indentations of the figure 8 pool. A freeform pool can conform to any shape and is great for blending into the natural elements around it. A freeform pool often gives you more pool area for your space.


What your pool is made of can have a real effect on its look, design, and durability. Vinyl is great for colder climates. You can make vinyl pools as long, deep, and wide as you want them to be. Fiberglass is much more limited in the shapes and sizes, but it has a much more polished look than vinyl pools. Concrete pools offer the most variety of sizes and many beautiful materials can be incorporated into the concrete such as glass tiles and other artistic features.

If you have a design in mind or need help choosing, contact Del Suppo Pools in Donora, PA where they've been designing and installing pools since 1977.