Reasons Why Direct Mail Is Still Relevant

Whether a company is small or large, it needs a comprehensive marketing strategy to bring in new customers and keep loyal customers coming back for more. Part of that marketing strategy might include direct mail. It’s long been assumed that the heyday of direct mail is over, given that the world is increasingly digital. But that certainly doesn’t mean direct mail is dead. In fact, it’s still an important marketing strategy that can complement a company’s online ads.


Direct mail has an impressive ROI.

The mean return on investment (ROI) speaks to a marketing initiative’s effectiveness. And direct mail comes in third, just a little bit behind social media marketing. In fact, direct mail’s mean ROI is ahead of paid search and well ahead of online display ads. Plus, direct mail has a far more robust response rate than email.


Direct mail has less competition.

The average adult still comes home to find a few credit card offers stuffed in the mailbox now and then. But compared to the heyday of direct mail marketing, there are far fewer companies sending out fewer pieces of direct mail. And that’s good news for the companies who still use it. With less clutter in the mailbox, consumers are more likely to pay attention to what’s there—especially if the letter or postcard is eye-catching and cleverly written.


Direct mail is tangible.

Another reason why many consumers prefer direct mail over digital ads is the simple fact that it’s tangible. You can hold it and stick it on your refrigerator door. A consumer who gets a coupon for a local restaurant is likely to hold onto it for a little while. The next time that individual starts craving takeout food or a sit-down dinner without dealing with dirty dishes, he or she will remember that coupon.


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