Supplements To Add To Your Daily Wellness Regimen

Achieving better overall health means making diet modifications, developing a fitness regimen and adding a few supplements to your diet. You hear about a number of supplements on the market you should buy because they do everything from making your bones stronger to preventing against oxidative damage, which many may not be able to define. However, only certain vitamins and herbs truly help more than a select number of people.

Vitamin D

The sun gives you most of the vitamin D you need. However, you may just not be getting enough. A supplement of this vitamin doesn't just help your bones and promote normal cell growth, it also helps your body absorb other necessary vitamins like calcium and phosphorus. It assists with immune function while also aiding your body in reducing inflammation. Those struggling to lose weight benefit from vitamin D since it's required for cellular function, especially for your body to burn fat cells properly. The receptors signal the cells to burn fat more efficiently. The brain needs vitamin D to regulate hunger and cravings. Not to mention, this vitamin controls levels of serotonin in the brain, which affects a person's mood. Some eat to try to stop the negative emotions. With D, the person is less likely to feel negative emotions, and therefore, less likely to eat.


Yogurt has an adequate amount of probiotics to aid in digestion, but how much of it can you really eat before you're sick of it? Adding a daily regimen of probiotics through a supplement will give your body what it needs, in particular, your digestive system. Probiotics consist of healthy bacteria that breaks down food, so you're more regular and suffer from less gas, bloating and constipation. Probiotics help boost the immune system.

Vitamin B Complex

It's difficult to deem one B vitamin as more important than another, so you should take a vitamin B complex supplement. Vitamin B6 helps break down protein while other B vitamins assist with other aspects of metabolism. The B vitamins even boost your energy levels, which makes managing your weight easier.

If you're interested in getting started on a supplement regimen, head over to your local GNC. They are diet and supplement experts and will have you on your way to being your optimal self in no time!