The Disadvantages of Buying Your Clothes Online

The Disadvantages of Buying Your Clothes Online

During a time when e-commerce is booming and shipping is often free, it might seem counterproductive to spend the time to buy clothes at a brick and mortar store. However, there are distinct disadvantages to buying clothes online, and many benefits to buying them in person. 

There is a lack of customer service. 

One of the primary disadvantages of buying clothes online is that there is no friendly sales associate to lend a helping hand. Sales associates at brick and mortar stores have a keen understanding of what they are selling. They are the ones you can talk to if you need help figuring out if the work clothes you’ve selected will hold up to the tough conditions of the jobsite. In contrast, shopping on a website is impersonal. A chat bot can’t give you informed recommendations. Even if you manage to get a real person in the chat window, this person is likely someone who knows very little about the products on the website.

There is high potential for fraud. 

E-commerce might seem convenient to some, but it’s also a prime hunting ground for unscrupulous criminals. You might shop a website that looks credible, only to discover later that you’ve purchased counterfeit goods—such as inferior work clothes claiming to be Carhartt products. And of course, there is always the potential for the website to get hacked and your personal information to get stolen.

There is a delay in receiving your items. 

When you purchase something online, you will always need to wait for it. This is problematic for people who need to buy certain items for work, like steel-toed boots or work clothes by Carhartt. If you need clothing for work and you need it right away, you’ll definitely need to visit a brick and mortar store.

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