The Woman's Guide to Finding the Perfect Work Boots

The Woman's Guide to Finding the Perfect Work Boots

Not too long ago, work boots and clothes for women were created via a process the industry calls “shrinking and pinking.” Essentially, manufacturers would simply shrink the men’s sizes down and color the items pink in order to market them to women. Fortunately, today women have more—and better—choices than ever before. It’s easier to find women’s work boots that have been designed specifically for a woman’s needs. Keep reading for some tips on ensuring a good selection for your work boots. 

Check for proper fit.

The proper fit of a work boot involves more than just picking the right size. Compared to men, women typically have a higher arch, smaller instep, and shorter length of ankle. This means that work boots for women should be developed using a “last,” or mold that was built specifically for a woman’s needs. Don’t hesitate to ask the sales associate if the work boots you’re eyeing were made using a men’s or a women’s last.

In addition, spend some time walking around the store wearing the work boots. They should be large enough not to pinch your toes or any other part of your foot, yet small enough to conform fairly closely to the shape of your feet.

Check for slippage.

With the “shrinking and pinking” method, shrinking a man’s work boot down to a woman’s size often still results in a work boot that is too wide for most women. This is problematic because it can cause slippage, foot fatigue, damage from wear and tear, and an increased risk of injuries. When trying on work boots, wear the socks you would normally wear to work. Then, consider whether the boots still feel just wide enough for your feet.

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