Tips for Making Your Jeans Last Longer

Jeans often seem to wear out far sooner than you’d expect, especially given that denim is a tough, durable material. No pair of jeans will last forever, but you can definitely increase their lifespan by following the tips below. Doing so will save you both time and money, as you won’t have to go shopping as frequently.

Launder your jeans with care.

It’s usually best not to wash your jeans after each use, as long as they haven’t gotten too dirty. If there’s a stain or a bit of grime, you can spot clean them with a wet cloth and a dab of mild detergent. Another option is to hang up your jeans in the bathroom while taking a shower, as the steam can freshen them up. When it’s time to toss your jeans in the washing machine, take a minute to turn them inside out. Set the washer on “cold” to prevent fading. If you’re washing a pair of new jeans for the first time, toss a few pinches of salt into the washer to help set the dye.

Avoid using the drying machine.

The dryer can shorten the life expectancy of your jeans. Instead, hang them up to air dry. Keep your clothes drying rack indoors, out of the sunlight, which will help prevent fading. If you’re concerned about getting dye-tinted water on your floor, just spread out a towel underneath the drying rack.

Hang up your jeans.

If you’re one of the many people who fold up jeans and stick them in the dresser, you’re contributing to their shorter life expectancy. The constant creasing will wear out the fabric. Instead, hang them up in your closet by their loops.

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