Top Reasons to Choose Steel-Toed Boots

Top Reasons to Choose Steel-Toed Boots

If you’re in the market for some steel-toed boots, there is a good chance you’ve been told to get them for work. Also known as safety boots, these boots feature a protective shield of steel on top of the toe box. In addition, many steel-toed boots have a metal “plate” in the mid-sole area to protect the feet from punctures caused by stepping on a sharp object.

To Protect Your Feet from Serious Injuries

The number one reason to wear steel-toed boots is to protect your feet from serious injuries, including toe amputations and deep puncture wounds. Unfortunately, there is a persistent myth that steel-toed boots are actually more dangerous than non-steel-toed work boots because it’s thought that a heavy object dropped from above will cause the steel in the toe box to curl in and injure the toes. This myth has been proven false. Steel-toed boots are scientifically proven to be vastly more protective than regular boots. If you’re still in doubt, just consider this question: Would you rather have a 30-pound anvil dropped on your feet when you are barefoot, wearing regular shoes, or wearing steel-toed boots?

To Remain Compliant with OSHA Regulations

On many jobsites, OSHA requires employees to wear steel-toed boots for protection. The OSHA regulation specifies that all workers are to wear this protective footwear if there is any risk of foot injuries due to falling objects, rolling objects, electrical hazards, or objects puncturing the sole of the foot. If your jobsite requires this footwear and you aren’t wearing it, you can expect to get sent home.

To Stay More Comfortable at Work

Makers of steel-toed boots recognize that the wearers will be on their feet for much of the day. They design these boots to be highly supportive and comfortable. Your next pair of steel-toed boots might just be the most comfortable footwear you’ll ever own!

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