Who Needs Flame-Resistant Clothing?

Employee safety should be a priority in every industry. In many industries, however, employees are exposed to potential hazards that could leave them injured or worse. Wearing the proper clothing and equipment can help to reduce these risks. Keep reading to see what types of employees can benefit from wearing flame-resistant clothing.

People Exposed to Electric Arc Flash Hazards

An electric arc flash can occur when two conductors make contact. This type of hazard can cause severe burns and other damage to the body. Electricians and other people who are exposed to electrical systems have a higher risk of experiencing this type of hazard, which is why it’s so important for these employees to wear flame-resistant clothing at all times.

People Exposed to Flash Fire Hazards

A flash fire occurs when a fire starts quickly and spreads rapidly but does not last very long. Even though the duration of the fire is rather short, this type of hazard can still be extremely dangerous to people who work in refineries and pharmaceuticals, as well as people who work with chemicals in other industries. Flame-resistant clothing can help keep these employees safer while they are working with items that could potentially cause a flash fire. 

People Exposed to Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards

A combustible dust explosion can occur when fine particles move through the air and are exposed to certain conditions. In many of these cases, the employees are unaware that the particles floating around are presenting such a serious potential hazard. People who work in the pulp or paper industry should wear flame-resistant clothing, as should people who work in food processing.

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