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Dr. Rob Daniels is a specialist in all areas of Chiropractic and for over 18 years he has been providing superior care to residents of Washington County and the greater Pittsburgh area.  For Dr. Daniels and his team, the focus has always been to treat the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms. If you want to reach your maximum health potential, visit Dr. Daniels.

Often the patient will come in with multiple symptoms since irritation to a nerve root can affect many different things. An example of this is a pinched nerve in the neck causing not only neck pain but also headaches, dizziness or numbness into the hands.  A pinched nerve in the low back can result in leg pain or weakness along with back pain. 

As chiropractors we correct the problem by restoring proper Alignment and movement to the spine. This corrects the patients problem by taking pressure off of the nerve resulting in the elimination of the patient's symptoms. We may also use electric stimulation and ultrasound to eliminate inflammation and muscle spasms faster. Often a stretching and strengthening program or massage therapy is prescribed.