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Safety Features That Your Car Needs

Taking your family for a Sunday drive isn't the best time to start worrying about vehicle safety. Shopping for a car is the time to focus on the serious safety features of a vehicle. It is important to find a car that has a reputation for superior safety, including some of the features that are listed below.

  • Safety For Pedestrians And Cyclists

With Auto Brake, when a pedestrian is detected walking in front of a moving car, the brakes are automatically applied. Similarly, if a cyclist, traveling in the same direction as the car, appears to be in an imminent collision, Auto Brake will again be activated. In the event of a collision between a pedestrian and vehicle, a Pedestrian Airbag emerges out of the uplifted hood of the car and inflates to cover lower parts of the windshield.

  • Safety For The Moving Vehicle

The Blind Spot Information System was designed for use on the highway. A side-view camera alerts the driver to a car in their blind spot, by triggering a light. In a long line of queuing traffic, a car fitted with City Safety will automatically brake if an obstruction is detected in front of the vehicle. Another safety feature, Distance Alert, continuously checks the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Moving closer than the driver specified distance will again trigger a light. The Lane Departure Warning feature warns the driver if the vehicle appears to be unintentionally drifting out of the lane.

  • Safety For Passengers

In the event of collision there is an extensive list of features in new vehicles to protect passengers. To name only a few: Front-Impact Airbags, to protect the head; Side-Impact Airbags, designed to protect the torso; Overhead Airbags, to protect passenger's head during collision or rollover; and a Whiplash Protection System, to protect the neck during an impact from the rear.

New features to make vehicles more safe for your family are introduced every year. That makes it important to stay up to date with the new features and keep them in mind when shopping for a new vehicle. If your looking for vehicles that include these features and more, stop by Bill Gray Volvo in McMurray, PA.

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