Business Hours


Maid with Care is locally owned and operated cleaning company in Pittsburgh. We at Maid with Care share many things in common with our clients. Like you, we have busy family schedules that revolve around kids, school, sports, and other activities. Professional obligations that demand longer hours, often weekends. Aging relatives who need a helping hand. Most of all, we understand how very important a fresh, clean home is to your physical and emotional well-being. With time and energy at a premium—but a clean home or office is an absolute must-Maid with Care is the perfect choice for busy families, professionals, and people of all ages. We offer hourly rates based on the specific cleaning requirements of your home – not a pre-defined “package.” Therefore, you only pay for what you need. We have "Green" cleaning products available and our trained pros will go “above and beyond” for 100% Customer Satisfaction!