Mt. Lebanon's proud tradition of golf dates back to July 4, 1907, when a group of 30 men founded the Castle Shannon Golf Club on a 100-acre farm and persisted with the sport despite having to dodge moving targets, such as cows and horses. There were no tees or greens; still 30 golfers soon had joined, each paying $5 dues per year and bringing along scythes and lawn mowers to keep the course in playable condition. By 1918, there were 100 members, some rudimentary tees and greens and even a groundskeeper. That original club eventually disbanded, was reorganized, and in the '20s, '30s and '40s was one of the most popular 9-hole courses in the Pittsburgh area. Among the club's elite members were the financiers Andrew W., and Richard King Mellon, who reportedly rode the trolley to the end of the Castle Shannon line and were transported by horse-drawn carriage to the golf course. Mt. Lebanon purchased the private course in 1947 and reconfigured several holes located in the adjacent Castle Shannon Borough so that the entire course now lies within the boundaries of Mt. Lebanon.

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