The Springs Folk Festival invites you to join in the celebration of the arts, skills and labors of our forefathers. Watch the men and women baking bread and weaving, the men hewing logs and threshing grain and the children enjoying themselves on an old-time hayride. The lilting notes of blue grass groups, gospel music - as well as old-time music and dance - fill the air with continuous performances in the enclosed program building and on stage along the Woods Trail. Of course, the Mountain Anthems singing close harmony is always a thrill. The Springs Museum on the grounds boasts thousands of artifacts of the Casselman Valley area. An exceptional array of quality handcrafted items - truly one-of-a-kind shopping adventure - paintings, baskets, wood-crafted furniture, quilts and dulcimers - over 100 juried artisans demonstrating their craft. Everyone will enjoy the feeling of being a kid again as they sample the apple fritters, kettle corn, candy apples and homemade pies. Pennsylvania Dutch sausage meals, pancakes and sausage, bean soup, homemade bread baked in an outdoor kiln, doughnuts fried as you watch - sounds delectable!