Our mission is to develop young dancers physically, mentally, and artistically, in a friendly, nurturing, and professional environment. Whether you have a preschooler who is entering her first classroom experience, or a dedicated teen looking to become a professional, we have a place for you at Janet Hays and Company. From the moment a dancer steps foot into the studio, we want her to have a positive experience, to feel special, and to believe in herself. To achieve these goals, we present appropriate music, technique, discipline, and costuming for each student. We hope this positive foundation will help her to build a lifetime of self-confidence, grace, and poise. We're proud of the dancers we’ve trained over our 55 years of instruction and 35 years in the South Hills. Dozens have become dance teachers, studio directors, and professional performers. Hundreds have been selected for high school and college dance teams, cheerleading squads, and musical troupes --- or become better athletes --- due to the coordination and flexibility they acquired though dance. All have grown by gaining the time management skills, self-confidence, and grace of a dancer. We are so proud of their accomplishments! Many of those former students now bring their own children to Janet Hays Company to share the rewarding experiences they remember from their dance days. Our studio is open year-round, and we offer a wide variety of subjects for beginners through advanced dancers, ages 2 ½ through teens. While most classes run between Labor Day and our June recitals, we do offer many opportunities for dancers to continue their dance education in the summer months. These include classes, master classes, camps, workshops, performances, and private lessons.