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5 Things that You Should Be Checking on Your Car Regularly

Regular vehicle maintenance is something that many owners of used cars, certified pre-owned cars and new cars ignore. A busy schedule or lack of know-how causes many car owners to jump in their vehicles and zoom off with little thought given to the condition of their car. It doesn’t take much time or knowledge to learn the basics, though. Here are five things on your car that you should check regularly to get you started.

Your Oil

Your vehicle will not run correctly without proper oil maintenance. You could even cause irreparable damage to the engine, for instance, if your oil is too low and you keep running your vehicle anyway. Consistently checking your oil level will help to prevent this. Also, you’ll want to be consistent in getting your oil changed.

Tire Condition

The condition of the tires on your car is another often-overlooked maintenance issue on your vehicle. Tires that are bald or have wires protruding from them are telltale signs that you’re long past due for a new or used set of tires that are in better condition. You could be seriously injured in an accident due to tires with little or no trend. This is definitely one to take seriously. Also, check your tire pressure regularly with a tire gauge. Check the inside of your driver’s side door to see what the recommended PSI rating is for tires on your particular vehicle.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers do not cost very much to replace. Still, many a car driver overlooks the necessary maintenance of them. During a torrential downpour or other adverse driving conditions, windshield wipers that have not received proper maintenance could cause an accident or even injury. If you have trouble changing your wipers, any service center would be happy to help you.

Air Filters

An air filter caked with dust and dirt will hurt your gas mileage. It’s easy to turn down a new one when the person changing your oil asks if you want to replace it. You make the decision to skip out because you want to save money. But it could cost you more in the long run if you have to pay more at the pump.

Transmission Fluid

If you’ve ever experienced transmission problems, you know that it could mean the death of your car. Always make sure that you keep your transmission fluid at the right level so that your vehicle can shift smoothly. Also, change the fluid at the prescribed times.

In Conclusion

With a little attention to your vehicle, you can go a long way in making sure that your car is in great shape. By doing so, in the long run, you’ll save yourself time and money. More importantly, you’ll greatly increase your safety, of those in your vehicle and of others on the roadways.

If, however, you happen to run into an issue that you cannot solve yourself, contact Washington Auto Mall to set up an appointment with their service department.

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