About Wash Arts

Every day, children from all economic backgrounds walk through our doors and into creative opportunities that open new worlds for them. With high-quality professional instruction, students can dip their hands into clay, find a flair for the dramatic, or express themselves through visual art, dance or poetry –regardless of their ability to pay.

But there is more to Wash Arts than our core mission of serving children through affordable instruction in the arts. We realize that the arts are a vital source of creativity and growth for people of all ages and walks of life. Our adult courses available are taught by some of the finest artists in the region.

Wash Arts is also proud to be a part of the urban revitalization of historic downtown Washington and contributes to the vitality of our city by providing innovative cultural events on a regular basis. From our Concerts and Recitals to our Art Exhibits in our center’s Main Hall, Wash Arts’ offerings are always unique, innovative, and engaging.

This business is a proud member of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

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