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Business Casual | What Is It and When to Wear It

“Business Casual” – these two words can strike fear into the heart of any working man. Since the traditional business suit and tie are no longer the only option for the office or the dinner party, when you hear those two words, don’t panic! There are a few basics that can help any man get excited rather than panic when it comes to this rapidly increasing dress code.

The Shirt

Unless you are golfing, please avoid Polo shirts. Formal, dressy shirts are still great, but feel free to explore various patterns and more informal collar styles. These shirts can be worn open collar or with a less formal tie such as a square knit variety. If choosing to go tie less, undo the top one or two shirt buttons also avoiding showing your undershirt. Conversely, buttoning all of the buttons when not wearing a tie can also look good, especially when going with a plaid.

The Pants

The trousers are where your personality can really pop! Don’t be afraid of bold, complimentary colors. Gone are the days of the baggy fit, pleated pants. Slim fit is the way to go and be sure the pants cover just to your bold, colorful socks (if you choose to wear socks). Stay away from suit separates and go for the trousers made from wool blends and cottons.

The Jacket

Some days require more than just a simple shirt and tie combo, so some kind of jacket is often essential. Nothing brings an outfit together like a well-tailored blazer. Basic greys and navies are versatile and useable for any man. Similar to the suit separate pants, avoid jackets meant exclusively for suits.

The Shoe

One of the main attractions can be the classic business casual footwear. Stay away from both extremes of the style spectrum and go middle with soft suede brogues or a leather, mid-ankle boot. Browns and walnut colors are very stylish and versatile. They can be pricy, but they'll be a great investment to your business casual wardrobe.

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