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The Remarkable History of the Rugged Carhartt Brand

Today, the name Carhartt is synonymous with rugged, durable work clothing. Carhartt has achieved lasting popularity among construction workers, farmers, hunters, and outdoorsmen because of the clothing’s reputation for heavy-duty wind resistance and flame-resistance. The Carhartt brand has proven as durable and long-lived as its clothing.

The Founding of Carhartt

In 1889 in Detroit, Michigan, Hamilton Carhartt set up two sewing machines and a half-horsepower electric motor in a small loft downtown. Hamilton Carhartt & Company was officially founded, but it didn’t see success right away. In fact, the brand was a failure—until “Ham” started chatting with railroad workers about what they expected from their work clothes. The Carhartt bib overall was born shortly afterward, and Ham marketed the label with the slogan “Honest value for an honest dollar.

The Role of Carhartt in the Military

By 1910, the Carhartt brand had expanded considerably. It moved out of the tiny loft in downtown Detroit and into multiple factories around the U.S. and internationally. Carhartt showed its patriotism during times of conflict, committing to “backing the attack.” Throughout World War I, Carhartt dedicated seven facilities to the purpose of creating U.S. military uniforms. During World War II, Carhartt created rugged jungle suits for Marines serving on the Pacific Front. They also produced coveralls for other soldiers and support workers.

Carhartt Finds Its Feminine Side

With so many men serving in the military during World War II, there was an urgent need for women to enter the workforce at home—and a woman’s everyday dresses weren’t necessarily suited to the factory. Carhartt stepped up to fill the void by creating workwear for women. Decades later, in 2007, Carhartt officially launched a complete line of women’s workwear.

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