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InVision Human Services


In 1992, Ruth E. Siegfried founded the company now called InVision Human Services. From 1992 until 2010, InVision was known as SharpVisions, and in November 2010, we restructured our corporation so that we are now known as InVision Human Services to more accurately reflect the innovative and visionary qualities that permeate our people and our corporate culture.



Behavioral Health

InVision's Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) is uniquely designed to consider both the intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD) as well as the mental health concerns. Particular attention is provided to those individuals who are dually diagnosed and present with significant behavioral concerns, as well as those who have problematic sexual behavior and are at risk for re-offending.
InVision has developed IBH as research indicates the prevalence of mental health concerns in people who also have an IDD is 40% versus the rate of approximately 19% in the general populous. There is a significant need for these services in our very own geographic area; people with IDD are without services and suffering due to the lack of support.

Community Supports

InVision’s Community Supports Program provides innovative habilitation and short-term respite services for children and adults. As with all our programs, we do this by customizing supports based entirely upon the needs of the individual and his or her family.
Much more than a ‘sitter service,’ this program provides both community-oriented and interest-based activities – based on what the individual enjoys doing – plus therapeutic services. This combination leads to improved skills and behavioral growth.

Community Connections

InVision's Community Connections Events are activities available to the people we support, their families and InVision staff and volunteers. The events are designed specifically to provide authentically inclusive activities in a fun and social environment.

Employment Supports

At InVision, we think beyond limitations. Those who have been deemed ‘unemployable’ and who may have been rejected from traditional programs are often extremely successful in our Employment Supports program. In fact, more than 80% of the people we support in this program retain their jobs after one year, compared with the national average of 40%.

Residential Program

InVision’s Residential Program establishes collaboration between the persons we serve and the program staff who provide individual supports for them. Together, they create a customized living environment that addresses the unique desires and needs of each individual we support. This means that people with disabilities can live in their own homes and lead a meaningful life in their own communities. Each home is personalized for the individual living there, and each person we support drives the process for determining where and how they live.
At the core of every success story is the partnering between the persons being supported and the InVision staff working with them. Every decision is made with respect for and in conjunction with the individual being served. InVision calls this person-directed support, and we ensure that the living environment as well as the daily life activities and routine for the person are the taken into consideration. We know how important it is for each person’s residence to truly be a home, and we go out of our way to be sure the individual’s personality shines through in these details.


Signals is a comprehensive program for individuals with disabilities who exhibit problematic sexual behaviors. The foundation of Signals is managing risk, and this one-of-a-kind program is in a category by itself with regard to specialization and success rates.
InVision is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of both the community and the individuals we support. With that in mind at all times, we offer an integrated program of residential, vocational and therapeutic activities to enhance individuals’ opportunities for success. Homes are selected to minimize the possibility of recurrence of problematic behaviors, and staff are chosen with the personality and support of the individuals' needs in mind. Vocational supports are integral to Signals, allowing for as much community involvement as possible.



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